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Monday, June 22, 2009

LIGHT, SOUND, REPEAT, group show curated by Alexa Anderson

Light, Sound, Repeat

A group Show curated by Alexa Anderson

Opens Saturday July 11th at 7 pm (Ballard Artwalk), and runs through August 5th.

Light, Sound, Repeat is a group show featuring locals Joey Bates, Laura Kinney and Carlos Esparza. This show challenged the artists to visually represent light, sound and repetition in any way they wished. Working independently of each other, they each interpret these three ideas in distinctly different ways.

Artist Statements

Carlos Esparza:
For Light, Sound, Repeat, i am exploring the limits of intellectual property and just what it means to "make an image.' I have rephotographed and combined images from popular cinema into thematic tryptics; sampling to make my own compositions, quoting to form my own statements. Addressing the mediation of our visual experience the only way i can, by mediating it further.


Joey Bates:
I generally focus on portraiture. For this show on light, sound and repetition I am looking at different ways of visually representing sound in conjunction with portraiture.


Laura Kinney:
Humans are constantly searching for patterns and connections; in my creative process I find connections through materials I use in an attempt to make sense of it all.

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