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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Featured Seller!

Chances are you've spied his necklaces in the store. Recently Niles Armstrong of Worn Path (from Portland, OR) answered a few questions about his necklaces, life, and what inspires him.

When/Where/Why did you start Worn Path?
I started Worn Path in Portland, OR about a year ago. I had made necklaces for myself that people seemed to be interested in. My co-worker asked me to make her a necklace. I did and that spawned more requests. I continue to mostly focus on special orders and a few stores. This is more of a hobby than anything. 

What particularly about your work are you most proud of?
Keeping prices low even when I feel like people might pay more. I am not trying to make a living off of this and I just want most anyone to be able to have one of my necklaces if they want it. My personal values are anti-capitalist and I hope to live that out as much as I can in my artistic projects. And if someone makes something rad, I love trades over money exchange.

What inspires you most?
Nature... Forests, deserts, oceans, islands, mountains, outer space, farmlands. Revolutionaries. Nature defenders. Truth seekers and truth tellers. Acting with integrity. Skateboarding. 

What was your first job?
I took and filled orders at a bakery in Birmingham, Alabama when I was just about to turn 16. Birthday cakes, cookies, etc. I took the orders and boxed them up. I worked everyday after school and on Saturdays so I could pay for my car insurance.

Favorite author?
Hermann Hesse changed my life when I was 25.

Favorite band/artist/designer?
I will just say Leonard Cohen's first three albums never get old. So dense. I think they are perfect. 

Coffee or Tea? 
The PNW has me spoiled. Plain black coffee always, if it is how I like it. Otherwise, I'd go for tea. I kind of dislike how particular living up here can make you about your coffee.  

Favorite Museum/Gallery?
I really liked some shows I saw in San Francisco at Yerba Buena and also at Needles and Pens in the past. 

Preferred Magazine/Quarterly or Book?
Be Here Now by Ram Dass is fun to thumb through. Any retrospective on skateboarding and skate graphics are great to look at. Books on handmade houses like Shelter and Handmade Houses: a guide to the woodbutcher's art. The People's History of the United States of America is really important. These are all books that you can revisit from time to time and get something from them. 

Where would you like to see Worn Path in 5 years?
If I am having fun with it and staying true to my goals, moving right along. If it is not fun or inspiring for me, dead and gone. 
(whoa, an unplanned rhyme!)

Thanks Niles!
You can find his work here at 20twenty and also at Cairo on Capitol Hill
Worn Path tumblr here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Featured item.

The High School Band jacket!

This is so cool!

5 reasons why I love this jacket:
1. It's for a girl (the front says Mary).
2. The color combo is OUT OF SIGHT. Navy blue and red/orange?
3. It's a band jacket! (little known fact: I LETTERED in orchestra in high school. Never got the jacket because I was too alt.)
4. I found one matching glove in the pocket. Just one.
5. It's from 1993, and the nineties are the coolest thing ever right now.
6. The O looks like a 0 which reminds me of a bully. Like "what a zero!" or something along those lines.

(I was trying to look really tough in the last picture, like a high school bully)
(Also, this very well could be from a college marching band, but lets just agree that it's cooler as a High School jacket)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shopper Profile!

Meet Mike, Jeffery and Alan!

From left to right: Jeffery Root, Mike Hadreas, Alan Wyffels

Where do you work?
Jeffery: Cupcake Royale
Alan: Cupcake Royale
Mike: Musician in Perfume Genius

Where are you from?
Jeffery: Portland
Alan: Upstate New York
Mike: Seattle

Where do you live now?
Jeffery: Central District
Alan: Capitol Hill
Mike: Capitol hill

What was your last vintage Purchase? Or what is your most prized vintage find?
Jeffery: A long hooded wool jacket, purchased at Grannie's Attic on Vashion Island.
Alan: An extra small Harley Davidson sweatshirt with nylon fringe in a v shape on the front (seriously??!!??)
Mike: A hair shirt purchased at value village. It's kind of thick matted brown hair. "Where the Wild Things Are."

Thanks guys!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shout out!

In the middle of putting out tons of amazing spring rompers this afternoon I was visited by a nice gentleman who gave me a mixed bag of absynthe and spiced caramels! He said it was a little easter gift and I should share them with my co workers. Well, sorry Ian, Beth and Anna. These are going fast.

Thanks jonboy!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winter Clearance.

We've been Spring Cleaning!!

This Friday and Saturday (April 14th and 15th) we are having a Cairo + 20wenty Winter Clearance at 20twenty!

15% to 75% off

Winter Jackets
Ankle Boots
Knee High Boots
T Shirts
And selected new tees From Cairo!

Store Hours are 11:00am - 7:00pm on Friday and Saturday. But feel free to camp out.

Here are some really wonderful drawings that remind me of organization. They don't have a ton to do with the Sale but I'd like to share...

 Sol Lewitt, 1980

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shopper Profile.

Nectar came in the store this afternoon, exploring Ballard for the first time (she moved her a week ago from Chicago). I noticed her shoes right away and asked her very nicely if she'd like to be today's featured shopper!

Name: Nectar Shakir
Occupation: Film school grad, intern at SIFF/Server at Plum Bistro.
Hometown: Chicago
Last amazing vintage find: The bag is holding in the photo above. Nectar found it at Kokorokoko in Chicago. 

New Things!

Just in! We got adorable slouchy tanks from Alternative Apparel recently.

Perfect with an oversized button up and a pair of penny loafers.

An old fav is back!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shopper Profile.

These two stylish ladies popped in to 20twenty this afternoon and I had to take their picture. The Phoenix transplants were kind enough to pose for me!

Name: Lindsey Shank (R)
Occupation: Server at Lunchbox Lab in South Lake Union.
Favorite vintage finds: Anything 'southwest.'

Name: Shelley Kemmerer (L)
Occupation: MA at the Polyclinic.
Favorite vintage finds: Taxidermy!

This is the first (but not the last, duh) Shopper Profile. Each shopper received a special secret gift. Come find out what it was.

Monday, April 4, 2011


On this particular day in the PNW spring isn't totally in the air. But guess what, it's April. That means we should probably start thinking about what to wear when it stops hailing (but seriously, am I going to be the 1,000,000,000th person in this city to complain about the weather...uhhhh).

20twenty just received about a thousand gorgeous silky tops. Oversized shouchy perfectly just-too-big-but-still-just-right tank tops.

I am not feeling very photogenic today, so instead of providing you with a photograph of the lovely tank tops, here's a still from The Young Girls of Rochefort. It's a great movie starring Catherine Denevue and Françoise Dorléac.