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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tiny Clothes!

All childrens clothing is $10.

Sale Sale Sale.


All shoes + boots $15
Tees, polos, button down shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts $10 or 3 for $20
All new sweatshirts and hoodies $25
25% off everything in the jewelry case

Friday, September 2, 2011

More sale!

25% off all Shoes and Boots
Everything in our Jewelry case.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20twenty Designs.

All clothing featuring 20twenty designs are on sale!
This is the last chance you'll have to get your hands on any screen prints we do for the store,
because after we close our doors they won't be reproduced!

"It's dead whatever it was"
Mix Tape
Polaroid Camera
Dripping Cloud

What we have in the store right now is the only inventory we'll have for the next three weeks, sizes and designs are limited!

BUT...if you have a blank t shirt, dress, sweatshirt, or tie we will custom screen it with any of the designs listed above for you for a $15 fee!

Please email 20twenty.manager@gmail if you have any questions about custom screen printing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Sale!

In addition to all Tank tops + Dresses + Shorts we added to the sale which now includes..
New blank tees ($10)
New blank baby tees ($10)
20twenty screen printed tees ($10)
Select vintage tees ($10)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Did you hear?

We're having a sale!

Dresses + Tank Tops + Shorts!
$15 or less.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's call it a Wake, not a Funeral

After 7 incredible, inspired, tiring, and ultimately fulfilling years, it is with bittersweet feelings that I'm announcing the final day of business for 20twenty as September 11th, 2011.

Those who know me well, know this is a decision I've debated for the past couple of years, and was an extremely difficult one to make. This has less to do with finances, and more with my direction as a human, and small business owner.

20twenty was my baby, the first thing I ever gave myself to fully, but it was also just a start. Anyone who has a built a business from the ground up, will tell you how consuming it is. It becomes apart of your family, your social life....

The closure of 20twenty will allow me to grow and create in ways not possible now.

I'm so thankful to the 100's of artists that showed their artwork on our walls, sold their creative goods in our store. It was fun.

Of course special love to all the amazing employees I've had over the years, and the customers who've supported 20twenty. I've been working in the store the past 3 weeks, and I can say without a doubt, serving such kind, rad people has always been a big part of why I wanted a retail space originally.

Seattle is an amazing city, I feel blessed to have been apart of this neighborhood and community for so long.

What's next?

Cairo and more Cairo. I won't say that I've been playing favorites, but I kind of have for awhile now....

More than just a retail space, Cairo has helped me understand what a space without limitations can look like. It's a retail store, online store, a silkscreening studio, event creator, and now record label.

What Cairo does, is more of what I want to focus on and keep creating. If you haven't had a chance to come by check it out, I hope you will soon. And if you live in a nice sunny place, you may be getting a Cairo in your town soon....just sayin.


Joel Leshefka

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We have extended the deadline and the amount of pieces we're going to showcase!

We've also sweetened the deal a little...


A secret panel of cat experts will choose their TOP 3 favorite pieces.

1st place: $75 gift certificate to 20twenty
2nd place: $50 gift certificate to 20twenty
3rd place: $25 gift certificate to 20twenty

You now have until August 12th  to submit your art to 20twenty.manager@gmail.com

If your piece is selected for the show you will be notified on August 16th.

There will be an opening for the Cat Show the evening of August 18th, when the top 3 winners will be announced, and given their prizes.

You'd be a fool to miss this.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Art!


An opening.

July 9th, 7-9pm

Featuring watercolor portraits, drawings, and miscellany by Shannon Perry. Also featuring photography by J.R. Furbush.

5208 Ballard Ave NW


Runs through August 10th.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Open for the 4th!

We will be open 11am-7pm on Monday July 4th.
Come by, and bring some fireworks please.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hey Cat Lovers....

Ballard's First Ever International Cat Show at 20twenty!

That was, until legal informed us that having live cats flown in from all over world present a small liability. And accounting said it'd cost a small fortune. We've come up with a nice compromise!

Ballard's First Ever International Cat ART Show at 20twenty...and we need submissions! 
We will choose 15 pieces inspired by cats, and they will be on display in the store as part of Ballard's monthly art walk in August.

You are welcome to submit as many pieces as you want! But 20twenty can only select 15.

To be considered please send an image of your piece to 20twenty.manager@gmail.com no later than June 30th.  the Cat Show will accept all mediums, and will be juried by a panel of small mice.  


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Featured Seller!

If you've been in 20twenty recently you may have noticed that we have started offering a small selection of magazines. Fine Line is an quarterly magazine that comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meet Cassandra and Jessica, the masterminds behind Fine Line!


First/last name?
Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber


When/Where/Why did you start Fine Line?
Our first issue was released November 19th 2010, right here in Milwaukee.  It is a follow up project to The Armoury Gallery which ran from January 2008 – May 2009.  Cassandra and I both enjoyed the curatorial process and wanted to continue working in the arts, but needed something without the limitations imposed by a physical space. We see it not only as an extension of the gallery, creating in essence an art book or printed gallery, but further, something we hope people find inspirational and return to in the future, while simultaneously cultivating an appreciation for art and supporting the art

What particularly about your work are you most proud of?
Our commitment to quality work and staying true to our vision of being ad free.  We’ve had lots of people suggest that we should have advertising if we want to be sustainable, but we’re sure that in the long run people will appreciate what we’re doing and that will sustain itself.

What inspires you most?
Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship stand out as details that never fail to get our attention. Also, anything that is able to capture that essence of wonder and excitement commonly associated with travelling, foreign cities and 

What is your favorite movie?
I’d say, collectively, our favorite movie is the Royal Tenenbaum’s.  Although we have personal favs, that’s probably the one we most agree on.

Best vacation ever?
Jessica and I actually took the best vacation ever together.  After college we spent a year saving up money and then traveled a complete circle around the world.  It took us 6 months and it was the most amazing experience ever.  You can see photos on our flickr account. 

Coffee or Tea? 

Favorite Museum/Gallery?
When we were traveling we both fell in love with the Armoury at the Kremlin in Moscow.  It houses all of this old weaponry, jewelry and household items that used to belong to the tsars.  The stuff is over-the-top elaborate.  Everything they used was completely decorated in the most meticulous way.  It was amazing.

Preferred Magazine/Quarterly besides your own?
Esopus, Cabinet, and Dossier – because they have a thoughtful approach to the medium and the content presented is always of the highest quality. 

If you could be fluent in a language besides english what language would you choose and why?
(Cassie) I would pick Spanish because I want to travel in South America some day.  
(Jessi) Although Spanish seems like the wiser choice, I’d probably go with German, either so I could live in Germany (Berlin), or more likely because of my 3 years studying it. 

Where would you like to see Fine Line in 5 years?
Still going strong.  We’d like to reach the level of more popular arts magazines like Juxtapose.  We hope to keep growing and to someday make this our main job.

Thanks Cassandra and Jessica!!!!!
More information about Fine Line here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May Art Walk!

Tomorrow evening from 5pm-8pm 20twenty will be hosting the opening of Sunrise Sunset, new work by Anna Wetzel.

Please stop by and say hello!

Sunrise Sunset is a series of small works on paper, delicately painted to evoke the realism of blossoming flora and the seasonal shift we observe therein. With the incorporation of spontaneously applied pattern and tropical hues, these silhouettes are preserved in a new, imagined climate amidst the cyclic bloom and decay of the natural world.

Anna Wetzel was born in Kansas City, Missouri and currently lives and works in Seattle.  She received a BFA in Visual Art from Kansas State University, and was a 2008 member of Oax-i-fornia, California College of the Art’s experimental design program. Her work has been shown in Seattle, as well as internationally in Glasgow, Scotland and Oaxaca, Mexico. Anna was awarded the CityArts Magazine Best Of Art Walk Award in May 2010.


More information about Art Walk this Saturday at 20twenty here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Featured Shoppers!

Meet Willie Nelson and Penny Lane!

Willie and Penny dropped in 20twenty this afternoon with their mom Sara and I couldn't help taking their picture.

Where do you work?
Penny: I'm a barista but I'm working on opening a children's clothing store. I want to call it "Sugar Britches." Check out my blog: sugarbritchesclothing.blogspot.com
Willie: I'm a photographer, but right now I teach pottery classes at Loyal Heights Community Center.

Where are you from?
Penny: Ballard.
Willie: Ballard.

What is your most prized vintage find?
Penny: Found a collection of vintage aprons estate sale in Lake Forest Park. I love wearing them around the house.
Willie: An acoustic guitar with a huge pot leaf painted on the back.

Thanks Penny and Willie! And thanks to their mom Sara!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's now possible to walk from 20twenty in to Motel!

On Fridays Saturdays and Sundays the small furnished room between the two spaces will be open for people to pass through. Here are a couple photos I took of the room this afternoon. More to come!

More information about MOTEL here.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Featured Seller!

Chances are you've spied his necklaces in the store. Recently Niles Armstrong of Worn Path (from Portland, OR) answered a few questions about his necklaces, life, and what inspires him.

When/Where/Why did you start Worn Path?
I started Worn Path in Portland, OR about a year ago. I had made necklaces for myself that people seemed to be interested in. My co-worker asked me to make her a necklace. I did and that spawned more requests. I continue to mostly focus on special orders and a few stores. This is more of a hobby than anything. 

What particularly about your work are you most proud of?
Keeping prices low even when I feel like people might pay more. I am not trying to make a living off of this and I just want most anyone to be able to have one of my necklaces if they want it. My personal values are anti-capitalist and I hope to live that out as much as I can in my artistic projects. And if someone makes something rad, I love trades over money exchange.

What inspires you most?
Nature... Forests, deserts, oceans, islands, mountains, outer space, farmlands. Revolutionaries. Nature defenders. Truth seekers and truth tellers. Acting with integrity. Skateboarding. 

What was your first job?
I took and filled orders at a bakery in Birmingham, Alabama when I was just about to turn 16. Birthday cakes, cookies, etc. I took the orders and boxed them up. I worked everyday after school and on Saturdays so I could pay for my car insurance.

Favorite author?
Hermann Hesse changed my life when I was 25.

Favorite band/artist/designer?
I will just say Leonard Cohen's first three albums never get old. So dense. I think they are perfect. 

Coffee or Tea? 
The PNW has me spoiled. Plain black coffee always, if it is how I like it. Otherwise, I'd go for tea. I kind of dislike how particular living up here can make you about your coffee.  

Favorite Museum/Gallery?
I really liked some shows I saw in San Francisco at Yerba Buena and also at Needles and Pens in the past. 

Preferred Magazine/Quarterly or Book?
Be Here Now by Ram Dass is fun to thumb through. Any retrospective on skateboarding and skate graphics are great to look at. Books on handmade houses like Shelter and Handmade Houses: a guide to the woodbutcher's art. The People's History of the United States of America is really important. These are all books that you can revisit from time to time and get something from them. 

Where would you like to see Worn Path in 5 years?
If I am having fun with it and staying true to my goals, moving right along. If it is not fun or inspiring for me, dead and gone. 
(whoa, an unplanned rhyme!)

Thanks Niles!
You can find his work here at 20twenty and also at Cairo on Capitol Hill
Worn Path tumblr here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Featured item.

The High School Band jacket!

This is so cool!

5 reasons why I love this jacket:
1. It's for a girl (the front says Mary).
2. The color combo is OUT OF SIGHT. Navy blue and red/orange?
3. It's a band jacket! (little known fact: I LETTERED in orchestra in high school. Never got the jacket because I was too alt.)
4. I found one matching glove in the pocket. Just one.
5. It's from 1993, and the nineties are the coolest thing ever right now.
6. The O looks like a 0 which reminds me of a bully. Like "what a zero!" or something along those lines.

(I was trying to look really tough in the last picture, like a high school bully)
(Also, this very well could be from a college marching band, but lets just agree that it's cooler as a High School jacket)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shopper Profile!

Meet Mike, Jeffery and Alan!

From left to right: Jeffery Root, Mike Hadreas, Alan Wyffels

Where do you work?
Jeffery: Cupcake Royale
Alan: Cupcake Royale
Mike: Musician in Perfume Genius

Where are you from?
Jeffery: Portland
Alan: Upstate New York
Mike: Seattle

Where do you live now?
Jeffery: Central District
Alan: Capitol Hill
Mike: Capitol hill

What was your last vintage Purchase? Or what is your most prized vintage find?
Jeffery: A long hooded wool jacket, purchased at Grannie's Attic on Vashion Island.
Alan: An extra small Harley Davidson sweatshirt with nylon fringe in a v shape on the front (seriously??!!??)
Mike: A hair shirt purchased at value village. It's kind of thick matted brown hair. "Where the Wild Things Are."

Thanks guys!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Shout out!

In the middle of putting out tons of amazing spring rompers this afternoon I was visited by a nice gentleman who gave me a mixed bag of absynthe and spiced caramels! He said it was a little easter gift and I should share them with my co workers. Well, sorry Ian, Beth and Anna. These are going fast.

Thanks jonboy!!