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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

25% off all vintage clothing, 20twenty brand tees/sweatshirts, and 35% off all X Libris Journals.
Our Gift to you!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trunk Show!

This has been in the works for a little while. Four wonderful people will be at 20twenty the night of December 16th selling some really amazing things.


Worn Path



Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Look what just arrived!

Gift Certificates! Come get one for someone you love!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun and Exciting.

20twenty is planning something awesome for December. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for a surprise.

Parcel image is from the Swedish architecture firm TAF. Google it.

Don't drive!

Walk, don't drive to the store.

Monday, November 22, 2010


It doesn't matter how much it snows. 20twenty will still be open 11-7 all week!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Featured Item.

The Puffy Coat/Vest!

There is something I have always loved about the figure-compromising shape of a puffy coat or vest. Let's be real, they're not the most flattering things in the world but I really think that ads to their appeal. There is something really awesome, and kind of adorable about walking around as ball of fluff. Think about all of the cool things you can compare that to: adorable baby duck, or a cool snow man, a little panda bear, a hostess sno ball, a pile of feathers. The list is literally endless. Not to mention THEY'RE SO WARM! We have puffy coats and vests in a rainbow of colors and a wide variety of styles.

P.s...Is anyone else thinking about The Rain video after reading that? Check out Missy Elliot in the puffiest ensemble I've ever seen here.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Art Walk!

Jackson Quall: New Works

Jackson Quall is a 25 year old photographer and disk jockey by profession, who's a barista in Madison Valley in his spare time. He was born in Mount Vernon, enjoyed his adolescence in Everett, and from high school on has lived primarily in Seattle. His father being a photographer himself, started Jackson off young, gladly letting him loose with his camera. He has been shooting steadily since.

"This series of photographs has been taken over the last few months. For the sake of simplicity I'll say they are improvised. I used spontaneity to my fullest advantage. I have my camera and a tripod with me most all the time and I always keep an open mind. I don't hesitate to set up a shot if I feel it necessary, but rarely do I come up with the concept more than a moment before I shoot. I photograph anything around me I think is beautiful or interesting or that I think could result in a powerful image." - Jackson Quall

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lost and Found!

This happens from time to time...someone comes in the store and says "Oh my god I totally had a sweater just like this!" Or "Holy moly! I wore this dress to prom!" This happens, of course because manufactures make more than one shirt or jacket for a line of clothing (but saying that kid of takes the magic out of this blog post doesn't it?). Also, to my knowledge no one has ever uncovered their exaaaaact same sweater, pair of pants, or shoes etc.

Chris, a real friend of the store came in last week and had one of those moments. "Oh my god I wore this vest in my 4th grade picture!" And today Chris brought in evidence. Check it out. And also, please check out Chris's sweet glasses and radical long locks. Photographed below Chris is the cool vest that is still up for grabs. THOSE ARE CATS!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Featured Item.

Poncho Sweatshirt/ Drug Rug/Hippie Blanket Pullover

It really doesn't matter what you want to call it. It is cool, and it's going to keep you warm. Your older pothead cousin probably had one in the 90's. My little sister's guitar teacher had one when we were in elementary school, he also had a huge Jamaican flag on his ceiling (ya dig?). But that's beside the point. No longer for sage toting, incense burning, kombucha brewing Seattle types. The poncho sweatshirt/drug rug/hippie blanket pullover looks amazing with tight fitting, dark wash jeans and a pair of southwestern booties. We have it in a million (not really, but many) different colors. I'm wearing one right now.

(P.s. 20twenty means no offence to the lovely
sage toting, incense burning, kombucha brewing Seattle types. And of course, all the awesome pothead cousins, and Rastafarian guitar teachers out there.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

If you like Ponchos....

Right now would be a really awesome time for you to stop in the store.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Phone Calls.

People call the store all the time thinking we're something other than a retail store. One time a lady thought we were a night club. This just happened...

"Hello, 20twenty."
"Hey. So, are you guys a tax resolution company?"
"No, sorry, we're a vintage clothing store."
"Ok thanks bye."

Spread the word. We're a vintage clothing store.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Featured Item.

The Woven bag!

Ok, these bags are rad. They can be used as a large as a purse. Or can be used as your own bag at the grocery store. The woven bag is durable so it can be filled with books and taken to class. A bigger woven can be hauled to the laundry mat (with your dirty laundry in it. Obviously). What we're trying to say here, is the list of stuff this bag can help you do in style is endless.

Want to know what's even better? 99% of these bags are gender neutral so they can be carried by a Jack or a Jane.

We have the bags in stock now, and will continue to provide them whenever possible. Come get one and put a kitten in it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

20twenty’s All-Women Fall Show

Saturday, October 9th 2010 7pm

The fine folks over at 20twenty want you to come help us celebrate our first time
hosting an all-women’s art opening! This show combines seven incredible local
female artists in one great big super-show.
All of these ladies work in mediums
across the board, but share one thing in common: They continuously inspire and
never cease to amaze, in their craft, talent, styles, attitudes and life views. We
are excited to show some of the most beautiful fiber art, soft sculpture, paintings
and collages we’ve ever seen. And lucky us! The wonderful Shana Cleveland of
The Curious Mystery will be playing some special tunes towards the end of the

So, come on down folks! Saturday October 9th, 7p! Help us celebrate what the
ladies of Seattle are creating! Get inspired, make some new friends and be
merry. Fall, let’s do this.


Lucy Brennan's soft sculptures, illustrations, books, and wearables often relate
to the body, family, songs, stories, and snacks. Her art objects and playthings
celebrate pattern, color, texture, and form using materials including felt, magic
marker, embroidery floss, watercolor, and found fabrics.



Shana Cleveland enjoys the beach year-round


Nichole Rathburn makes work with the urge to encourage empathy; to put in
physical form the feelings and sensation of what even the smallest moment of
understanding between human beings can be. Not to cheapen them, but in the
hope that a physical touch can resonate emotionally within the viewer and spread
to the actions in their life, adding bit by bit to the world those moments that drive
the human race forward.
(Please touch the art.)


"Looking towards the future, I see an eerie ambiguity as to what will become
of the the natural state of the planet. This has caused me to look at natural forms
and patterns with a complexion more curious than ever before. Through my
works, I want to pass along my fascination and confront the waning stewardship
for our environment.

The role I play is of the scientist, discovering the undiscoverable. The
works I create are perhaps a reflection of changes to come to the fragile state of
nature, and are intended to be both contemplative and playfully imaginative"



"I was born and raised in Seattle. As long as I have been alive, I have loved
the process of creating—be it with cardboard, colored
pencil, or yarn. Art for me is more like an uncontrollable bodily
function than a form of communication, as indicated by the constant
state of disaster in my room.
After attending college at both California College of the Arts and
Seattle Central Community College, I graduated from the University of
Washington with a bachelor of arts in math. This, like many of my
other endeavors, was an idea conceptualized and brought to fruition by
sheer curiosity.
I’m into art as a way of getting the things in my head to exist in
3-space— much like those cool 3-D printers. I like making wearable
art because I like the thought of the things I make going out and
having a life of their own out in the world."


Stacey Rozich is a native to the Pacific Northwest region of the United
States. She attended California College of the Arts in San Francisco where she
studied illustration, and now attends Seattle Central for graphic design.
Combining what she learned in school and her years of drawing from her over-
active imagination, Stacey has created a storybook narrative of beasts and
patterns all playing into a world of cultural folktales.



Kendal Tull-Esterbrook is a Seattle based illustrator and storyteller who's
focus is on hand-rendering eerie, meticulous works which breathe new
appreciation into common forms as well as pay homage to anatomical
frameworks that would otherwise spend their living existence in pitch dark.

Saturday, October 9th 2010
5208 Ballard Ave. Seattle

Sunday, September 12, 2010


20twenty will be hosting a Record Swap and if you're reading this, you're definitely invited.

WHEN: October 8, 2010

WHERE: 20twenty (duh)
5208 Ballard AVE NW

WHY: We all have records that we don't listen to. This could be for various reasons. Here are
a couple...Maybe you thought you were buying Lionel Ritchie's album "Can't Slow
Down"when in fact you read the title wrong and you bought "Truly: The Love Songs."
Maybe you thought you like Reggae more than you actually do. In any case, there is
definitely someone out there that can, and will appreciate your neglected vinyl. Come
swap them for free!

John Shin Sound Wave, 2007 Installation at Museum of Arts & Design, New York, 2008

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Clothes!

Did you know that we carry new and vintage childrens clothing?

Because we do!

By the way, this image was taken from http://www.holwick.com/church/Ledgewood_historical_photos/history_photos.html
An awesome collection of vintage photos from a church in New Jersey. I was temped to post one of an adult wheeling a child down the street in a cardboard coffin but thought it might be too "morbid" for "some people."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's still August!

Yes, it might be time to start thinking about new fall clothes. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't squeeze everything we can out of the last week of August.

We still have bathing suits and tank tops in stock!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Featured Item.

The Bolo Tie.

We have several different Bolo Ties in stock at 20twenty right now in various styles. Come check them out. For those of you who are not familiar with the tie, here you go...

"A bolo tie (sometimes bola tie or shoestring necktie) is a type of necktie consisting of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips or aglets (aiguillettes) secured with an ornamental clasp or slide...The bolo tie was made the official neckwear of Arizona in 1971. New Mexico passed a non-binding measure to designate the bolo as the state's official neckwear in 1987. On March 13, 2007, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed into law that the bolo tie is now the state's official tie..."

Maybe you're the kind of person who has to see it in action. Well, here are three great examples of super cool ways yo wear a Bolo Tie.

Colorado Senator Ken Salazar shows us that a Bolo Tie is appropriate for any occasion.


Bruce Springsteen is a great example of the evolution of the Bolo Tie. They aren't just for cowboys anymore!


Michael Michaels is a shining example of how a Bolo Tie can bring a smile to anyone's face.


There you have it! Come get a Bolo Tie and wear it loud and proud!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Never Ending Summer, opens Saturday August 14th, 7-9 pm

John Barker

John Barker

Virginia Wilcox

Virginia Wilcox

Never Ending Summer
Opening Reception Saturday August 14th 7-9 pm.
5208 Ballard Ave. NW

As the end of the season draws near, help us celebrate over at 20twenty with a brand new series of photographs honoring the best moments of summer. These beauties capture the adventures had at home and abroad with the friends and family closest to us. This collaborative show joins two incredibly talented photographers who are both able to capture light and people in interesting and strange ways.

John Barker is from Seattle, WA. He lives and works in Oakland, CA.
His photographs capture scenes in which something just happened or is
about to happen. He uses a Nikon D70.

Virginia Wilcox lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She received her BFA in Photography from Bard College in 2008, and studied abroad at Parsons Paris in the Spring of 2007. Virginia takes photographs throughout rural America, intrigued by Americana kitsch and vacant roadside lots.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

UNRULY, photos by Joel Leshefka, Opening Saturday July 10th 7-9 pm

Joel Leshefka spends his Seattle days running two retail/art spaces, completing absolutely mundane tasks such as: filing taxes, organizing employee schedules, purchasing toilet paper and plastic cups for art openings, paying license, insurance, and city fees, doing more taxes, sweeping cigarette butts off of the sidewalk, sending out press releases, battling with storage of off-season clothing, telling bands how to arrive via I-5, managing email lists & and going to the bank to get change.

What he really loves...is to get in his car and spend weeks in every corner of the Western United States. Where space is unlimited and buildings aren't torn down, they're just abandoned...

The early advocates of Manifest Destiny probably figured this out somewhere in South Dakota, then continued to have their minds blown through Wyoming, Utah, and all the way to the Oregon Coast. The few that headed south to New Mexico and Arizona, must have felt like they were on another planet. For a kid that grew up in the Northwest, surrounded by lush mountains and trees that always seem to be in the way, Joel Leshefka is consistently reinvigorated to find that the West is mostly still the same as those first explorers found it...

It's unruly, it's isolating and off-putting, inconvenient, and utterly cinematic in it's beauty...any human on this earth can still get lost in the West. This series of photographs document some of his travels.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Homesick, photos by Christine Tran, opens Sat. June 12th, 7-9 pm

Please join us Saturday June 12th from 7-9 pm for the opening reception of Homesick, by Christine Tran

What motivates us to pick up and start over in new cities, jobs and communities? When do we decide that the prospect of a fresh beginning, however uncertain is worth leaving the comfort of familiarity behind? This series explores the state of the in-between: It explores the limbo between past and future loves, friends and communities; it is the place where homesickness lives.
Christine Tran’s collection of photographs convey the confusion of physically being in one place, while belonging socially and emotionally to another. The images are of people and places close to her, yet they are staged. Like the effects of distance and the daydream of home, the distinction between memory and reality is blurred, and her photographs exist as both fact and fiction.

Christine Tran lives and works in Seattle. She holds an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Her series began as an exploration of nostalgia and longing during bouts of homesickness. Currently, her work continues through the examination of what happens when one comes back.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New work by Jennifer Mao, opens May 8th

The Only Thing Separating You From Everything Else is Time is an exhibition of photographs which draw from the experience of taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad - the longest continuous rail line in the world. Though the geography and composition of the train's interior was in a state of constant flux, time emerged as the only measure from the outside world that remained relevant. Time – and the concepts of distance and speed inherently bound to it – became the most succinct connector between the body, other objects and passengers enclosed within the train, and the ever-changing external environment outside of it. Train travel complicated the traditional notion of linear time, fragmenting the concept into perceived (biological) time, actual (local) time, and train time (train schedules were always noted in Moscow time). The resulting images contextualize the formation of spatial and philosophical relationships between objects through these kaleidoscopic definitions.

The photographs within the exhibition look to find universal commonalities between objects and behaviors. Images made during the journey are presented within a larger continuum of events that occurred before and after, further exploring temporality as a unifying factor across varying contexts of everyday experience. In creating a disparate network of documents that are tenuously and temporally related, the viewer is encouraged to uncover hidden meanings, forge unexpected connections, and construct a variety of conclusions.
Artist Biography:

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Jennifer Mao now lives and works in Seattle. She will be graduating this spring from the University of Washington with degrees in Photography and Psychology. She is interested in anything and everything, including but not limited to: everyday magic, chain reactions among things and people, and pictures of cats on the internet.

Jennifer Mao

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!! April 10th 7-10 pm

20twenty celebrates 5 years of rent-hike surviving, recession busting, boredom avoiding, business. Group show of 13 artists who've previously shown in our little shop, many of whom are no longer living in Seattle. Music by Ziskis one half of CMRTYZ (the TYZ part). Saturday April 10th from 7-10 pm, please help us celebrate 5 years of goodness, growth and the future.

13 is a lucky number:

Justine Ashbee
Avery Bloom (SF)
Derek Bourcier (Portland)
Jesse Brown
Mike De Leon (NYC)
Aaron Harris
Lauren Max
Stacey Rozich
Sarah Sandman (NYC)
Charlie Schuck
Robin Stein
Gabriel Stromberg
Jenny Tsiakals (Chicago)

ARTIST BIO (where provided)

Derek Bourcier Habitually working in found object sculpture, Derek Bourcier currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he makes objects that explore concepts of sound, skateboarding and public space while maintaining a deep connection with everyday life. He's currently earning his MFA from Portland State University.

Jesse Brown is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Seattle, Wa. His work has been exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Paris.

Jesse's work is often an exploration in geometric forms, pattern, shape and repetition which display a very clean, graphic quality. He is know for working in a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, murals, artist books, installation, video and animation.

Mike de Leon is a photographer who belongs to The Mystic Sons of Morris Graves and the Nice Bad Boys Club (NYC Chapter). He was born just outside Pittsburgh, in the small town of Beaver, PA; raised in Olympia, WA; exhausted ages 18 through 23 in Seattle, WA; and now the 24 year old wobbles around Brooklyn, NY. He started shooting photos passionately at age 16. After high school he attended New Market (a trade school), where he focused on digital-photo-retouching. His photoshop immersion supplied the necessary skills to land an internship with the highly regarded, Seattle based photographer: Spike Mafford. The internship turned into a job and from 2004-2009 Mike worked as Mafford's Photo Assistant and Retoucher; In addition during 2006-2008 he worked as a Drum Scanning Technician, for Seattle's reputable, digital-imaging company: Imago Imaging. Mike's personal photography is well described as -Optical Poetry. His work has been featured in numerous Seattle art shows, and published in The Stranger, Thrasher, Vice Magazine, and Dazed and Confused. Earlier this year Mike completed the photography, design, layout, and introductory writing for an art-book spotlighting Seattle based, Oil Painter: Jesse Edwards; Presently the book's printing, marketing, and distribution terms are under negotiation. The two biggest future goals for Mike are to shoot oozing-cool, photo editorials for the best magazines in existence, and to publish his own brand of interestingly themed, photography books that will gain the hearts of teenage girls worldwide.

Lauren Max is a photographer who currently lives in Seattle, she attended the Commercial Photography program at Seattle Central, and has shown through out the city. Her current favorite hobby is getting lost in nature and finding inspiration in the trees.

Stacey Rozich studied Illustration at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and has since returned to her hometown of Seattle, Washington to paint and study Graphic Design at Seattle Central. Her work is a personal mythology of folkloric watercolor and gouache illustrations that is very pattern and textile-inspired. Tribal animal masks, witch doctors, optical designs and delicately brushed beasts are the main feature while a narrative about an early culture and their relationship with nature and animals is the backdrop. She invites the viewer to come up with his or her own interpretation of the work. Whether it's a very nostalgic reaction or a sense of these tales being long forgotten yet hauntingly familiar.

Sarah Sandmanis a designer, artist and community organizer living and working in Brooklyn. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Kansas and the Fachhochschule Trier, and has worked as a senior designer and art director for several communication agencies in Seattle and New York City. In May 2009, she received her MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design where she and designer Melissa Small co-authored their master's thesis "1+1=3: Building Social Capital Through Communication Design." Their collabortive work explores the power of memes, participation, design mediation, online and offline social networking, and gift economics to strengthen communities. Sandman has been a visiting lecturer and critic at Parsons, the Minneapolis College or Art and Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Syracuse University. She is an active member of the art collective Hit Factorie which runs a nationwide artist grant effort called FEAST and is currently curating a performance piece for Portland's Open Engagement Conference. As a meditative exercise which supports her creative practice, Sandman continues to build her ongoing body of drawings, the Cellular Automata Series, an analog response to John Conway's, Game of Life.

Charlie Schuck was born in 1977 on an island in the Pacific Northwest. He received his first camera ( an old broken Rollei ) at a flea market from his Uncle After working in the fishing industry in Alaska and as a deckhand for a tour boat company charlie went to work in a photo lab where he spent hours experimenting with developing and printing processes. During this time Charlie began his formal studies of commercial and technical photography at the Art Institute of Seattle. At 32 Charlie has won numerous industry awards and has traveled extensively photographing for many of the top companies, agencies, and magazines around the world. In addition to still photography Charliehas directed video spots and has a strong infinity for printed matter and design. He is still trying to forget everything he learned in school.

Robin Stein is a Seattle based artist, primarily working with photography to explore the confluence of natural and man-made landscapes. After a stint in New York City Robin returned to Seattle in 2005. He has gone on to exhibit work nationally. Currently he is in the process of completing a book based around a recent project exploring the Ohio River Valley and Appalachians Mountains.Robin is also a member of the music project Flexions.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Without You Here We Are, open Saturday March 13th 7-9 pm

Without You Here We Are , a show by Christian Hansen and Ryann Donnelly

Opening Reception Saturday March 13th, 7p-9p

Show runs from March 13th through April 5th 2010

Christian Hansen and Ryann Donnelly are two artists from different fields, film and music respectively. Without You Here We Are is an experiment for both artists, an exploration into a new medium. Here they emphasize the use of basic lines and shapes, incorporating elements of glass and phrases in search of ways to grapple with their own experiences on set and on tour.

"By trade I make things to look at, movies mostly but also still images of sorts. My venture into painting on glass arose out of a love for typography and the need to constantly experiment. It began with optical titles, a dance film, and a picture I found while snooping on my friends computer. It now continues with chemical inhalation headaches and somewhat improved line work. This work or experiment rather is very much in progress, however I generally find the process just as fascinating, if not more so, than the final product. Perhaps you agree?


Ryann Donnelly can sing better than she can draw. She has been in a band for over 10 years, and draws about weird stuff from tour. She majored in art history, really likes Man Ray, and is really sorry about having an art show even though she can't draw faces, common house pets, or fine landscapes. Apologies. Hope ya like the broken glass.

pretty little french girl


Monday, January 25, 2010

Places I've wanted to show you, by Eamonn Parke, opens Saturday February 13th, 7-9 pm

Please join us Ballard Artwalk, Saturday February 13th from 7-9 pm

Eamonn Parke Hails originally from Boise, Idaho. His photography captures, admires, and criticizes the health and beauty of life. Eamonn’s motivation stems from an admitted fear of forgetting his own existence, and therefore documents his environment, both familiar and strange. With great affection for analog, and a necessary concession to digital techniques, his work marries old and new. Eamonn Parke Holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington.

"Places I have Wanted To Show You" showcases a series of photographs which highlight the basic compositional elements of each, sometimes stark scene. Bold blocks of color and unusual framing make each photo exude a simplistic and quirky beauty.

Show runs February 13th-March 7th, 20twenty is open from 11-7Monday-Saturday & 11-5 on Sunday.