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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

20twenty’s All-Women Fall Show

Saturday, October 9th 2010 7pm

The fine folks over at 20twenty want you to come help us celebrate our first time
hosting an all-women’s art opening! This show combines seven incredible local
female artists in one great big super-show.
All of these ladies work in mediums
across the board, but share one thing in common: They continuously inspire and
never cease to amaze, in their craft, talent, styles, attitudes and life views. We
are excited to show some of the most beautiful fiber art, soft sculpture, paintings
and collages we’ve ever seen. And lucky us! The wonderful Shana Cleveland of
The Curious Mystery will be playing some special tunes towards the end of the

So, come on down folks! Saturday October 9th, 7p! Help us celebrate what the
ladies of Seattle are creating! Get inspired, make some new friends and be
merry. Fall, let’s do this.


Lucy Brennan's soft sculptures, illustrations, books, and wearables often relate
to the body, family, songs, stories, and snacks. Her art objects and playthings
celebrate pattern, color, texture, and form using materials including felt, magic
marker, embroidery floss, watercolor, and found fabrics.



Shana Cleveland enjoys the beach year-round


Nichole Rathburn makes work with the urge to encourage empathy; to put in
physical form the feelings and sensation of what even the smallest moment of
understanding between human beings can be. Not to cheapen them, but in the
hope that a physical touch can resonate emotionally within the viewer and spread
to the actions in their life, adding bit by bit to the world those moments that drive
the human race forward.
(Please touch the art.)


"Looking towards the future, I see an eerie ambiguity as to what will become
of the the natural state of the planet. This has caused me to look at natural forms
and patterns with a complexion more curious than ever before. Through my
works, I want to pass along my fascination and confront the waning stewardship
for our environment.

The role I play is of the scientist, discovering the undiscoverable. The
works I create are perhaps a reflection of changes to come to the fragile state of
nature, and are intended to be both contemplative and playfully imaginative"



"I was born and raised in Seattle. As long as I have been alive, I have loved
the process of creating—be it with cardboard, colored
pencil, or yarn. Art for me is more like an uncontrollable bodily
function than a form of communication, as indicated by the constant
state of disaster in my room.
After attending college at both California College of the Arts and
Seattle Central Community College, I graduated from the University of
Washington with a bachelor of arts in math. This, like many of my
other endeavors, was an idea conceptualized and brought to fruition by
sheer curiosity.
I’m into art as a way of getting the things in my head to exist in
3-space— much like those cool 3-D printers. I like making wearable
art because I like the thought of the things I make going out and
having a life of their own out in the world."


Stacey Rozich is a native to the Pacific Northwest region of the United
States. She attended California College of the Arts in San Francisco where she
studied illustration, and now attends Seattle Central for graphic design.
Combining what she learned in school and her years of drawing from her over-
active imagination, Stacey has created a storybook narrative of beasts and
patterns all playing into a world of cultural folktales.



Kendal Tull-Esterbrook is a Seattle based illustrator and storyteller who's
focus is on hand-rendering eerie, meticulous works which breathe new
appreciation into common forms as well as pay homage to anatomical
frameworks that would otherwise spend their living existence in pitch dark.

Saturday, October 9th 2010
5208 Ballard Ave. Seattle

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