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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Featured item.

The High School Band jacket!

This is so cool!

5 reasons why I love this jacket:
1. It's for a girl (the front says Mary).
2. The color combo is OUT OF SIGHT. Navy blue and red/orange?
3. It's a band jacket! (little known fact: I LETTERED in orchestra in high school. Never got the jacket because I was too alt.)
4. I found one matching glove in the pocket. Just one.
5. It's from 1993, and the nineties are the coolest thing ever right now.
6. The O looks like a 0 which reminds me of a bully. Like "what a zero!" or something along those lines.

(I was trying to look really tough in the last picture, like a high school bully)
(Also, this very well could be from a college marching band, but lets just agree that it's cooler as a High School jacket)


rachel said...

what a babe

Anonymous said...

I went to that school and graduated with Mary ~ crazy

Anonymous said...

its black and Orange Doll and yes its High school in Minnesota ~ cheers!