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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Featured Seller!

If you've been in 20twenty recently you may have noticed that we have started offering a small selection of magazines. Fine Line is an quarterly magazine that comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meet Cassandra and Jessica, the masterminds behind Fine Line!


First/last name?
Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber


When/Where/Why did you start Fine Line?
Our first issue was released November 19th 2010, right here in Milwaukee.  It is a follow up project to The Armoury Gallery which ran from January 2008 – May 2009.  Cassandra and I both enjoyed the curatorial process and wanted to continue working in the arts, but needed something without the limitations imposed by a physical space. We see it not only as an extension of the gallery, creating in essence an art book or printed gallery, but further, something we hope people find inspirational and return to in the future, while simultaneously cultivating an appreciation for art and supporting the art

What particularly about your work are you most proud of?
Our commitment to quality work and staying true to our vision of being ad free.  We’ve had lots of people suggest that we should have advertising if we want to be sustainable, but we’re sure that in the long run people will appreciate what we’re doing and that will sustain itself.

What inspires you most?
Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship stand out as details that never fail to get our attention. Also, anything that is able to capture that essence of wonder and excitement commonly associated with travelling, foreign cities and 

What is your favorite movie?
I’d say, collectively, our favorite movie is the Royal Tenenbaum’s.  Although we have personal favs, that’s probably the one we most agree on.

Best vacation ever?
Jessica and I actually took the best vacation ever together.  After college we spent a year saving up money and then traveled a complete circle around the world.  It took us 6 months and it was the most amazing experience ever.  You can see photos on our flickr account. 

Coffee or Tea? 

Favorite Museum/Gallery?
When we were traveling we both fell in love with the Armoury at the Kremlin in Moscow.  It houses all of this old weaponry, jewelry and household items that used to belong to the tsars.  The stuff is over-the-top elaborate.  Everything they used was completely decorated in the most meticulous way.  It was amazing.

Preferred Magazine/Quarterly besides your own?
Esopus, Cabinet, and Dossier – because they have a thoughtful approach to the medium and the content presented is always of the highest quality. 

If you could be fluent in a language besides english what language would you choose and why?
(Cassie) I would pick Spanish because I want to travel in South America some day.  
(Jessi) Although Spanish seems like the wiser choice, I’d probably go with German, either so I could live in Germany (Berlin), or more likely because of my 3 years studying it. 

Where would you like to see Fine Line in 5 years?
Still going strong.  We’d like to reach the level of more popular arts magazines like Juxtapose.  We hope to keep growing and to someday make this our main job.

Thanks Cassandra and Jessica!!!!!
More information about Fine Line here.

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