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Monday, October 18, 2010

Featured Item.

Poncho Sweatshirt/ Drug Rug/Hippie Blanket Pullover

It really doesn't matter what you want to call it. It is cool, and it's going to keep you warm. Your older pothead cousin probably had one in the 90's. My little sister's guitar teacher had one when we were in elementary school, he also had a huge Jamaican flag on his ceiling (ya dig?). But that's beside the point. No longer for sage toting, incense burning, kombucha brewing Seattle types. The poncho sweatshirt/drug rug/hippie blanket pullover looks amazing with tight fitting, dark wash jeans and a pair of southwestern booties. We have it in a million (not really, but many) different colors. I'm wearing one right now.

(P.s. 20twenty means no offence to the lovely
sage toting, incense burning, kombucha brewing Seattle types. And of course, all the awesome pothead cousins, and Rastafarian guitar teachers out there.)


carlitos williams said...

90's? 80's? The hippie hoodie goes back farther than that. I know, I was there. I bought one in Mexico, then I noticed a woman was mopping the floor with one. Wait a minute! What's that bolt of material over there? Senorita, whaddya use that for? That cheap stuff? Oh, that's what everybody uses to make mops. Well cool! just right for dirty hippies. That explains why my hoodie smelled faintly of Lysol.

Hoodie said...

Love it! Awesome baja hoodie. Mexican Threads?