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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lost and Found!

This happens from time to time...someone comes in the store and says "Oh my god I totally had a sweater just like this!" Or "Holy moly! I wore this dress to prom!" This happens, of course because manufactures make more than one shirt or jacket for a line of clothing (but saying that kid of takes the magic out of this blog post doesn't it?). Also, to my knowledge no one has ever uncovered their exaaaaact same sweater, pair of pants, or shoes etc.

Chris, a real friend of the store came in last week and had one of those moments. "Oh my god I wore this vest in my 4th grade picture!" And today Chris brought in evidence. Check it out. And also, please check out Chris's sweet glasses and radical long locks. Photographed below Chris is the cool vest that is still up for grabs. THOSE ARE CATS!!!

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