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Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Art Walk!

Jackson Quall: New Works

Jackson Quall is a 25 year old photographer and disk jockey by profession, who's a barista in Madison Valley in his spare time. He was born in Mount Vernon, enjoyed his adolescence in Everett, and from high school on has lived primarily in Seattle. His father being a photographer himself, started Jackson off young, gladly letting him loose with his camera. He has been shooting steadily since.

"This series of photographs has been taken over the last few months. For the sake of simplicity I'll say they are improvised. I used spontaneity to my fullest advantage. I have my camera and a tripod with me most all the time and I always keep an open mind. I don't hesitate to set up a shot if I feel it necessary, but rarely do I come up with the concept more than a moment before I shoot. I photograph anything around me I think is beautiful or interesting or that I think could result in a powerful image." - Jackson Quall

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